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Production II After Mid Mortems

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Week 6 - After Mid Mortems


The Mid Mortem presentations blew me away. There were so many good games and presentations--I’m really proud of all the hard work that everyone put in! Personally, I think the my team’s presentation went really well. We started off with a funny and engaging gameplay demo and then we spoke about our game in a very coherent way that portrayed our fantasy well.

Unfortunately, though, Potion Seller did not make the cuts. Between the four games in our studio, there was an hour and a half stalemate about whether or not Potion Seller or Snowball Showdown (a VR snowball fight game in which you can add anything to your snowballs) would go through. It came down to which team’s members would be able to contribute more to the games that they would move onto if their team was cut. At that point, It was decided that Snowball Showdown and Gaze Into the Abyss (an underwater co-op horror puzzle game) would continue development in my class section and Seize the Cheese and Potion Seller would be cut. While I am bummed that my game got cut because I was really excited for it and loved working on it, the two games that are continuing are very strong projects.


Today in class, my professor split up the cut teams and placed us on the games that are continuing. He let us pick based on our specializations and the needs of the games, but ultimately had final say. As a game designer focused on level design, I decided that Gaze of the Abyss would be the better option for me to move onto. The artist and the producer from my team also moved to work on Gaze of the Abyss.

We are spending today with on-boarding--getting caught up on the team’s development process, pipelines, understanding the concept and vision of the game, scheduling meetings, and getting to know each other. I would have liked my game to go through, but I am excited about the possibilities for this project!

Concept image for Gaze of the Abyss

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