Alchemist Slime Game Week 1

Updated: Nov 12

This week, I started work in-engine on my personal project, Alchemist Slime Game. I am developing this project in Unreal Engine 5. It's been a few years since I’ve worked in Unreal and since I’ve done much game development so it was a bit slow going.

I chose Unreal 5 for two main reasons: I would like to work in the games industry again and most studios either use Unreal or a proprietary engine that is similar, and Unreal is much better for creating level blockouts with its own geometry.

I started with a blank project, and I was able to complete all of the tasks I planned for this first milestone:

  • Initial designs for the Alchemist’s Laboratory (built in-engine to test player movement)

  • Basic player movement as a liquid

  • Changing player state to a solid and back to a liquid by pressing a button

There’s already a lot that I want to improve in addition to my next milestone tasks. This includes:

  • Getting the player to feel more like a slime (still defining this but I want the player to feel heavier)

  • Tweak the camera angle and distance

  • Continue to design and improve the laboratory (including making a level map in Photoshop)

Thanks for following the development of my project. If you would like to test it, join my discord community!

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Claire Yeash

Game Designer