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Alchemist Slime Game Week 2

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The Alchemist Slime Game continues into Week 2! I was able to finish all of the main tasks I had planned though I'm starting to get a growing backlog of improvements I'd like to make.

Just adding the different movement as a solid already makes the game feel like it's coming along much faster now. I'm excited to finish the movement so I can officially build out the levels. I'm hoping that that will help me decide officially how I want the game to be. I'm still debating if I want the player to be able to jump as a solid and if there will be any combat.

The Week 2 build includes:

  • Basic player movement as a solid (AKA the cube)

  • Changing player state to a gas and back to a liquid by pressing the G key

  • Basic quest UI when colliding with the Alchemist

  • Some additions to the layout for the Alchemist’s Laboratory (built in-engine to test player movement)

  • Player animation lerp

Some improvements I'd like to make from this week in addition to my planned tasks:

  • Tweak the camera angle and distance (move the camera farther from the player)

  • Continue to design and improve the laboratory (including making a level map in Photoshop)

  • Add an "Interact" button to talk to the Alchemist (instead of needing to collide with him)

  • Bug (will be fixed with interact button): As a solid, it is hard to move away from the Alchemist and not trigger the UI

Thanks for following the development of my project. If you would like to test it, join my discord community!


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Claire Yeash

Game Producer

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