Alchemist Slime Game Week 7

The Alchemist Slime Game continues into Week 7!

I wasn't able to fix what was causing the breaking bug but I removed it and was able to continue development at least. As I've said before, I'm focusing mainly on programming and getting the functionality of the game in right now--I know all the UI is awful... However, I was able to complete the following:

  • Player movement as a gas input update(can use space to ascend and left control to descend)

  • Inventory (can be toggled with Tab, moving the mouse cursor over the boxes to view the item in the slot)

  • Quest system (Press E when near the Alchemist to get the quest prompt, only the mugwort quest is fully functioning. The mugwort can be found on the back platform)

  • Code organization (behind the scenes)

The tasks I'm planning to complete to stay on track in addition to my planned tasks:

  • Bug: Something strange is happening with the movement when jumping as a solid and especially movement in general as a gas

  • Bug: Environmental triggers can be difficult

  • Bug: You can launch the alchemist as a solid

  • Bug: Interact UI was removed due to an error, needs to be fixed and added back in

  • Continue code organization (behind the scenes)

Thanks for following the development of my project. If you would like to test it, join my discord community!

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