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Alchemist Slime Game Week 3

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The Alchemist Slime Game continues into Week 3! This week had many bigger tasks that are taking longer than I expected and didn't get to complete for this build (player movement as a gas, environmental state triggers, and the basic quest system). There are a few ways that I can approach each of these features. I'm trying to decide the best practice with my current knowledge and resources while trying to stay on track with the MVP. I think I'm just going to make a decision and get it to work, then clean my blueprints up after the MVP so that I can at least have something to build from.

The Week 3 build includes:

  • Tweaks to the camera angle and distance

  • Interact button and UI to trigger the quest UI/talk to the Alchemist

  • Bug Fix: As a solid, it is hard to move away from the Alchemist and not trigger the UI

The tasks I'm planning to complete to stay on track in addition to my planned tasks:

  • Player movement as a gas

  • Make environmental triggers change the player's state

  • Start initial design for 1 puzzle quest path

  • Continue to design and improve the laboratory (including making a level map in Photoshop)

Thanks for following the development of my project. If you would like to test it, join my discord community!


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Claire Yeash

Game Producer

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