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Alchemist Slime Game Week 5

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The Alchemist Slime Game continues into Week 5!

Unfortunately, I'm experiencing a breaking bug with the UI that won't let me package the project so there is no official build for this week. I will be working to fix the bug and continue with my tasks. However, I was able to complete the following:

  • Inventory system (Press TAB to open the inventory, can pick up the object in the back and see it added by moving your mouse over the inventory tile)

  • Continued the quest system

The tasks I'm planning to complete to stay on track in addition to my planned tasks:

  • Fix the breaking bug

  • Finish quest system

  • Gather sound effects and VFX

Thanks for following the development of my project. If you would like to test it, join my discord community!


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Claire Yeash

Level Designer

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